Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Silk encaustic work

Now here is an unusual piece of encaustic work. The background is made of silk which started off as a plain white piece of material. A textured pattern, using coloured waxes, was created on a piece of white glossy card and then this was covered with the silk and some protective paper and heated with an iron. This melted the wax picture and the wax soaked into the silk and set to give a resist to the silk paint that was dripped onto it. Once the ink was dry, the whole thing was ironed several times with plenty of paper to melt out the wax leaving the silk. This was secured to a piece of card which in turn was mounted onto a card blank. The picture is another piece of encaustic work of a flower created with the tip of the iron. It is not supposed to be a real flower - just a made up one.

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  1. Hi Shirl, wow thats gorgeous, you really do know how to weave such beautiful creations with that encausic art. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx


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