Sunday, 9 December 2012

Pebeo Painted Book Marks

 I really have fallen in love with these wonderful paints. These tags, made from thick mount board, have been painted both with the Fantasy Moon and the Fantasy Prisme paints. Again, I have done a close up so that you can begin to see the sorts of effects that you get.

The image is from a stamp by Sheena Douglass from her latest sets designed to go with these paints. However, I am looking forward to using other stamped images too and even having a go free hand. So brave, so fearless!

Just wait until you see what they look like on ceramic tiles! Once the paint has dried for about a week, it is so tough that you can use it as a trivet for hot pans with no ill effects to either tile or pan.
I need to go raiding Ikea over the holidays to see what I can find to decorate. As the paints work on all non absorbent surfaces they will be so many things to have a go at.

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