Monday, 30 August 2010

Kimono 2

You liked my first kimono card so I thought I would share another one. This one is more basic than the first card as I used pre-printed backgrounds. I think they were from a Crafter's Companion CD ROM - the Oriental one. I printed it out in 2 different tones of blue and used these to create layers on the white A5 card. There is a small piece of "feathered" friendly plastic as an embellishment which was made by cutting narrow strips of various colours, laying them side by side and heating to make them soft. A comb was dragged through one way and then the other, like doing feathered icing on a cake. Once cool the plastic was trimmed to the required shape. The hand folded kimono, which was lined with a separate piece of paper, was then mounted on the front. Gold thread and some oriental looking beads were added to the spine for a final flourish.

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