Sunday, 22 January 2012

Felted Key Ring

Good afternoon.

My first example of felted work which is totally hand felted. No commercial felt here. This started off as a bunch of fibres. I had to make 4 flowers, exactly the same size, two for each chain on the key ring.

I drew the flower onto dissolvable fabric to give a base for the flower. Fibres were added using a hand felting tool and then the felting was completed on my embellishing machine. Orange fibres were made into the centres of the flowers which were machines in place.

A flower was placed either side of the jump ring at the end of one of the chains and sewn through to keep it in place. A few seed beads were added to give extra texture.. The two flowers were then sewn all around the edges to totally secure them in place. This was repeated for the flower on the other chain.

PS: If you liked my 8 pointed brooches yesterday, pop over the my other blog to see some 6 pointed ones which I think look quite elegant.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Felt Brooches

Good morning. Welcome to Saturday. Here are my first examples of felted projects. I got a 12 needle embellishing/ felting machine for Christmas and I am having great fun with it. These brooches are made from commercial felt but I have added black and silver fibres onto the white surface. The two sheets were then shaped and layered to give this look before sewing onto a brooch pin and adding the centre bead(s). The next version is on black felt with white and silver added and the final one is purple with blue wool fibres and Angelina fibres added to texture.
The next step is to create my own felt sheets from scratch. Watch this space.....!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hangbag Charms

Good morning. Well, what can I say. I am sorry I have not been around
much for a while. The strange thing is that I really do not have an excuse or even a reason. I just seem to have lost my way a bit. However, I am now trying to sort myself out so I thought I would put these pictures up as examples of some handbag charms / key rings that I have been making. A lot of the beads I already had in my stash  but some of the them I purchased recently from the shop where I sell my stuff. They were made by a local glass bead crafter. She made the two black and white ones on the top picture, the two small browny orange ones on the second picture and the large brown one on the picture on the left. I will put some more examples over on my other blog.
I have some of these for sale in the shop, some on folksy and some on Ebay.It is nice to be back and I promise to try and start blogging more regularly again.