Friday, 15 October 2010

Dragonflies Over Water.

This is an encaustic technique that I have not featured before (I don't think so anyway. This is called and indirect technique. Instead of applying the wax directly to the base glossy card, it is applied to a piece of tissue (as in the type you blow you nose on).

Three colours are added to the tissue - in this case brown, green and blue. This is then laid onto the card and heat is applied to the tissue with the tip of the iron which transfers a bit of wax to the white card. The design is built up from scratch just by adding little dabs of the different coloured waxes to make the picture. The fence posts and grasses were created by running the edge of the iron along the tissue.

The water line was shown by adding some of the dark blue wax to the bottom of the rock and then rubbing it vigorously with the tip of a finger. This generates enough heat to partially melt the wax again and smudge it around.

The dragonflies were added at the end using a stylus tool which is needed to crate the fine lines.

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