Sunday, 11 July 2010

That Sunday Feeling

The morning after the day before. Yesterday was my first craft fair this year. I have been a bit slow to get going. It was at Abergavenny on a pretty good day, weather wise, and it was the day of the Carnival and some big cycle race or other. I didn't take too much notice of the latter as it definitely is not my thing. There were a lot of people around but according to some of the regulars it was a moderate day for takings. At least I made a profit so more than covered the costs. Not bad for the first one of the year. I never thought, I should have taken my camera so the I could post a picture of my stall. It was nice and colourful which is a good thing. I will take a picture next time to show you all.

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  1. Well done love Im so pleased to see youve taken the plunge I will advertise you beautiful work on my blog for you. Take care with love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx


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