Tuesday, 1 January 2013

January 2013 Crafting Challenge - Flowers

Welcome to our first monthly crafting challenge. I do hope that you will join in and will enjoy the prize that I have chosen for you.

First - the rules, and you will be pleased to here that there aren't too many of them. These are displayed on the challenge rules page of this blog but for the first one I thought I should list them here.

1. The challenge is open to any type of craft be it paper crafting, sewing, art or anything else as long as the entry fits the theme of the challenge.

2. For paper crafting entries, please do not use pre-printed papers. We would like to see as much creativity as possible so it would be great if you can make as much from scratch as possible including your embellishments..

2. When adding your entry, you must link directly to the entry on your blog, not to your whole blog to save us having to look for it.

3. You may enter up to 3 times for any one challenge.

4. You must not back link to an old entry on your blog. It must be a new crafting project.

5. You must put a link back to the challenge blog onto your entry.

6. You can enter as many other challenges as you like.

7. For now, the winner will be chosen by ourselves based on how the entry fits the challenge theme.

8. It would be brilliant if you could leave a comment when you have posted your entry as we would like some feedback on how you are enjoying the challenges!

9. If you would like us to leave a you comment, please turn off Word Recognition as it really slows things down.

There now, that is the boring bit done so onto the challenge.

Having had some really awful weather lately I thought the challenge needed to gladden our hearts a bit so the theme is Flowers.

Here are a few of our ideas to inspire you.

A picture frame decorated with flowers and leaves.

A small papier mache box painted and stamped with flourishes with individually stamped and cut out very small flowers bonded in place.
Hand painted daisies which always make me feel cheerful.
Hand marbled paper with a beautiful flower embellishment
Snow drops, the first flowers of Spring
and finally.....
Pansies painted on a mirror frame
And now for the prize:

4 x A4 sheets of 150 gsm hand made paper which I have dyed with various mediums and then block printed with acrylic paint plus 2 x A5 sheets of 150 gsm hand made paper which have been dyed and machine embroidered. These will be great for so many different projects. I do hope that you like them.


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