Saturday, 8 December 2012

Playing with Pebeo Fantasy Paints

Happy Saturday to you all.

I have been having great fun playing with my new Pebeo Fantasy paints. They give such brilliant effects. OK, I admit they are not perfect but as these are my first attempts I am pretty pleased with them.

The Fantasy Prisme paints split as they dry, as can be seen in the bottom close up picture, leading to all sorts of different effects. The amount of patterning apparently depends on how thick the layer of paint is. The more paint, the more it splits.

The Fantasy Moon paints don't split like the Prime but gives some lovely swirly patterns.
These three examples are done on thick cardboard so I can't wait to try them out on other substrates such as glass, tiles, mirrors etc.

The stamp used for the pattern is one of the new ones from Sheena Douglass. This is then outlined with a relief medium which does not spread to give a rim around each shape. Then you just drop the paint into each section carefully trying not to get it in the wrong sections!

They are oil based paints so it does take quite a time to dry but the results are worth it.

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