Sunday, 28 October 2012


Good morning.

Something a bit different today. I have started working more on textiles that I used to. You can do more with them than with paper in some ways - they don't tear for a start! (Well, not unless you want them to that is.)

Here I have worked with strips of recycled sari silk which work beautifully with the embellishing machine. I started off with a plain white cotton base sheet and just felted the strips of sari silk in place. This gives some lovely textures as the edges of the strips are frayed and the are all wrinkled. Some I flattened out to give a smoother surface and then some I have deliberately left wrinkled to give extra layers. Some of the silks have a shine to them which add an extra dimension and some even change colour slightly depending on how the light falls on them

Once the felting process was finished. I added freehand machine embroidery to add the bushes and some lines in the water. I may well add some hand embroidery too to give even more texture.

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