Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Encaustic / Mixed Media Cards


Here is something a little bit different on the encaustic art front.

These have all been created by laying down the wax on glossy card, as usual. Once the picture was finished with a fairly even coating of wax, it was turned upside down onto a piece of watercolour card and heated from the back. This melted the wax again causing it to transfer to the watercolour card and whilst molten it sinks into the fibres of the card.

Pulling the glossy card away whilst it is still warm leaves some wax on the original card and some on the watercolour card. This gives a much more muted impression.

The wax then acts as a resist to any watery media added to the picture. Some of these were completed with watercolour paints and some with inks. The paint or ink will sink into the card were there is very little wax and fill in all the gaps so that on white card can be seen.

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